Fenia Collection Launches a Limited Edition Debut Collection of Handbags

Posted on 14 December 2015

This Debut Collection offers six Limited Edition pieces designed to claim the spotlight. It is glamorous, dramatic and edited for high impact. The collection showcases classic European style inspired silhouettes in high gloss patent made modern by exotic finishes, metallic accents and hardware. This eclectic array of bags offers sophisticated, elegant and wallet friendly picks for most fashion aesthetics.

The Limited Edition Debut Collection features handbags not seen a thousand times proving that to stay fashionable one does not have to only buy into trends. "I am of the belief", says Fenia "that is better to own something unique, different and distinctive than something on trend that every other woman has."

Five of the featured bags are Black and one, a vibrant hue of Orange. "I adore Black. It is timeless, striking and ever so versatile. It can be supremely glamorous, rock ‘n’ roll edgy, mysterious and captivating; it can delicately evoke and palpably provoke. It can be the perfect bold neutral of a signature style or become the perfect backdrop color to play with when developing a sartorial instinct and personal fashion aesthetic. Orange? Because it is surprising, unexpected and a little racy.."

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