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Presence, Originality, Signature Style, Pathos for Elegance, Affordability. They are what Fenia Collection is all about. Inspiring the formation and cultivation of a distinctive, unique and inimitable personal style through fashion accessories.

Sartorial prowess. Innately, only a few possess it; most model, imitate or emulate that of others’ without ever making it their own. Fenia Collection is not about dressing in character. It is all about discovering a character, being in character and telling a story, your story thru fashion accoutrements. It is about creating an intimate connection with accessories and using them as an art form to awaken and capture the senses, to evoke and occasionally provoke, to engage with the world around with confidence and satisfaction.

I am not a designer by training or vocation. I studied communication, I learned to observe people and invariably scrutinize myself. I was born to a talented Greek mother, a doyenne of elegance and grace, exposure that stroke my passions and interests for the arts and for discovering the magic of living tastefully and passionately. I am fortunate to possess a keen eye for detail alongside an artistic predilection and to have developed a sense of style that is constantly evolving although firmly grounded in the classic and traditional European aesthetics. By far, not a sample size, I started wearing black as a way to appear slimmer and more svelte. I still do but now by choice, I wear it every day and spruce it up with colorful accessories that reflect and compliment my personality depending on the occasion and surroundings. I have a penchant for bags and scarves and have used them to elevate and bring texture and richness to my ensembles. On a set budget though, it became increasingly more challenging to curate a personal, age appropriate look by investing in the brands I adore. It all started as a project to design and procure unique in character purses and jewelry I wanted for myself at prices I could afford. Contrary to conventional belief, style and elegance do not have to cost a fortune. What they require are creativity, sensible spending and an attention to detail.

Fenia Collection is an outlet to share my passion for fashion and design as well as my desire to engage in a project that allows me to spend more time focusing on the details and hopefully inspiring others. It is equally an entrepreneurial experiment as well as a way to connect with you, inspire your individual fashion ethos, pay homage to the journey of finding my own style and pay tribute to the people and elements that influenced me the most.


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